Renting Process


  1. Submit an INQUIRY to Evergreen West Properties with:
    1. Your Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Email Address
    4. Requested Arrival Date
    5. Number of Nights
    6. And, if applicable, the requested Suite
  2. Evergreen West Properties will send you a quote for the dates requested.
  3. To set aside the dates on the Availability Calendar, you must pay a 50% deposit, ON-LINE.
  4. Once we receive your deposit payment, Evergreen West Properties will:
    1. Send you your Deposit Receipt
    2. A RENTAL AGREEMENT in PDF format
    3. And will “set aside” the requested dates on the Availability Calendars
  5. In order to RESERVE the Suite for the dates set aside, you must:
    1. Print out the RENTAL AGREEMENT
    2. Complete the information requested
    3. Sign the agreement
    4. Fax it to 888-204-0440 - or scan it and email back Evergreen West Properties
      1. NOTE: The Suite is NOT RESERVED in your name until Evergreen West Properties receives the completed rental agreement.
      2. Failure to return the RENTAL AGREEMENT forfeits the deposit amount paid.
  6. On or about 10 days prior to your Arrival Date, Evergreen West Properties will process your credit card for the balance due.
  7. Once the balance due payment is verified as received, Evergreen West Properties will send you the:
    1. Payment Receipt
    2. Check-in Instructions with Parking Permits
    3. Door Access Code